The programs and activities of the YMCA are planned and conducted by the various Standing Committees with a Board Member as the Chairman and YMCA members as Committee Members. The different committees are as follows.

Youth Work Committees

Being a youth oriented organization, the YMCA has as its major concern activities and programs designed and conducted for the youth. The Youth Work Committee organizes and executes various activities in this regard. This committee oversees the activities of the Youth Forum, UNI-Y and HI-Y.

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee spearheads the social concern activities of our YMCA like organizing Medical Camps, Awareness Campaigns, Health Programs, Social welfare issues etc.

Sports and Game Committees

Sports being a major activity for YMCA, a Sports and Games Committee have been formed to hold and conduct various sports and games events. The Annual Family Sports Meet held by this committee has always been a major event for all members.

Christian Emphasis Committee

The root of the YMCA being ‘Jesus Christ’, the Christian Emphasis Committee organizes Monthly Prayer meetings and other such fellowships. This committee organizes the YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer and also is in charge of the YMCA Choir Team.

Ecumenical Action Committee

The Ecumenical Action Committee conducts various programs with the objective of bringing together believers from various Christian denominations. It also organizes programs in relation to festivals of other religions like Deepavali etc.

Program Committee

The Program Committee organizes and conducts general programs, like the Family Meet, Christmas celebrations, picnics etc., which are a part of the YMCA activities.

Media and Communication Committee

The Media and Communication Committee looks into the Public Relations affairs of our YMCA and also is in charge of all YMCA publications like the quarterly news bulletin. It also organizes seminars and workshops in media subjects.

Memberships Committee

All matters pertaining to memberships come under the Memberships Committee. This committee scrutinizes membership applications and advices the President on the appropriate decision. Induction of new members is also organized by this committee.

Finance, Tax & Audit Affairs Committee

The Finance, Tax & Audit Affairs Committee advises the Board on all matters concerned with Finance, Tax and Audit. It also looks in the feasibility and viability of projects and advices on pooling resources for our projects.

Technical Advisory committee

The Technical Advisory committee oversees the various development projects under taken by our YMCA and advises the Board on its implementation.

Personnel and Administration Committee

The Personnel and Administration Committee advises the Board and oversees matters pertaining to personnel and staff, and general administration of the YMCA.

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